Ford Mustang Extended Warranty

Here at Warranty Squad, we know that you want to pay as little as possible for extended warranty coverage. And that’s why we’ve decided to analyze data from all the major providers. Here’s the top-rated company:


Average Extended Warranty Cost

The average cost for Ford Mustang Extended Warranty plans is about $68 a month. And while the overall prices may vary, the amount you end up paying mostly depends on the coverage type.

Warranty Benefits

1. For those that have to endure stop and go traffic every morning and afternoon, having a Ford Mustang extended warranty plan would definitely be worth it. The main reason we say this is because of the constant stopping and starting, your engine has to put in “more work”. So that leads to things having to be repaired much more frequently.

2. Having Ford Mustang extended warranty coverage takes away the stress and hassle of trying to find a reputable local mechanic in your area. Most warranty providers have a list of highly rated car repair shops in their network. So instead of dealing with an unknown business, you can easily get your car or truck repaired by a licensed mechanic.

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Questions To Ask

The Total Price? When signing up for extended auto warranty coverage, you usually can select between a variety of coverage plans, each set at various prices. Having said this, be sure not to sign up for any plan before first finding out the total cost of everything, including how much you have to pay upfront for repairs.

Are AfterMarket Parts Covered? Usually the company you purchased the part from has some type of warranty coverage. But if you want to know if an extended auto warranty provider will cover repairs for a particular part, be sure to contact them before you start the policy. That way you can easily avoid having to deal with any hassles.

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Warranty Reviews

“I drive people around all day in my car for a living so to me my car is my most important investment. And that’s why I didn’t hesitate to get an extended auto warranty plan once my old warranty coverage expired. It just makes sense because, you never know when you’re going to need it.” – O. Perry

“I sell used cars for a living and every customer that asks me about vehicle protection plans I tell them to go with Endurance or Carchex. Out of all the companies I know about, those 2 are the best without a doubt!” – O. Ramirez

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Parts and Services Covered

No matter which company you chose for Ford Mustang extended warranty coverage, it’s best to make sure what parts they cover. Here’s a list of the most common parts covered: air conditioner, brakes, fan, cooling system, drive axle assembly, electrical components, engine, front & rear suspension, fuel system, seals & gaskets, steering, transfer unit, transmission, turbocharger / supercharger, oil pump, radiator, fuel injector, alternator, drive axle, piston, control arm, power steering pumps and much more!

Extended Warranty Worth It?

For those of you searching for affordable Ford Mustang extended warranty plans and are wondering if getting coverage is worth it, the simple answer is yes. For many people, it enables them to pay for expensive repairs and other services.


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