Ford Fusion Extended Warranty

It’s definitely worth the time it takes getting rates from multiple extended auto warranty companies online, because it can result in getting cheaper coverage. But to make it easier for you, here’s the best one:


Average Extended Warranty Cost

The average cost for Ford Fusion Extended Warranty plans is about $52 a month. But the overall amount you pay for coverage can vary depending on the type of plan you want to sign up for.

Warranty Benefits

1. A lot of drivers cannot function without their vehicle because it’s such a major part of their everyday lives. So if you want to make sure that your vehicle stays in good condition, having a Ford Fusion extended warranty plan takes care of that because it allows you to deal with repairs regardless of how much the repairs might be.

2. Besides helping you deal with auto repair bills, having Ford Fusion extended warranty coverage also has plenty of other nice benefits. For example, most plans come with some type of roadside assistance. So if you’re paying for this separately, you can eliminate 1 bill. And secondly, most plans will supply you with a rental car if needed.

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Questions To Ask

How are Claims Processed? Most people get extended auto warranty coverage with the hopes that they will never have to use it. But incase you do, you want to make sure you know everything you need to know about claim processing. Things like, processing times, vehicle rental access and emergency repairs are all important details.

Where Are The Repairs Done? Some warranty plans allow you to visit the repair shop of your choice, but there are some plans that require you to visit only one of the repair shops from a list. This is usually not a problem, but depending on where you live, you may have to travel a good distance to get the repairs done.

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Warranty Reviews

“The cost of an extended auto warranty plan is the deciding factor for me. Before I signed up with Endurance, I check out the pricing from all the major warranty companies online. And while they all offered basically the same coverage types, Endurance had the lowest prices.” – P. Ross

“Getting after-market warranty coverage was something I didn’t think I would happen. I had to get my current car repaired a few times and each time I was able to get the repairs done quickly. Endurance is definitely the best!” – V. Thompson

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Parts and Services Covered

The most important aspect of Ford Fusion extended warranty plans is finding out what parts are covered. Here’s a brief list of the typical parts covered in most plans: air conditioner, brakes, fan, cooling system, drive axle assembly, electrical components, engine, front & rear suspension, fuel system, seals & gaskets, steering, transfer unit, transmission, turbocharger / supercharger, oil pump, radiator, fuel injector, alternator, drive axle, piston, control arm, power steering pumps and much more!

Extended Warranty Worth It?

Many people looking for Ford Fusion extended warranty plans often send us questions about whether or not it’s worth buying. And to put it simply, if you don’t like paying full price for expensive vehicle repairs, it’s worth it.


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