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A Few Auto Warranty Benefits


There are many advantages to having extended auto warranty coverage for your car or truck, including the ability to save thousands of dollars on repairs throughout the life of your vehicle. Because no matter how well it’s maintained, eventually some type of repair will be needed. And having warranty coverage helps drivers save money easily.


Most people don’t like the hassle of trying to find someone to work on their vehicle. But with an extended warranty, the provider usually have plenty of reputable mechanics in their network. Which means you’ll have your vehicle repaired by a licensed specialist and without having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket.

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Recent Testimonials

  • We've been driving our sedan for 7 years and we've never had any major issues. But last year we purchased an extended auto warranty policy because from experience I know how car repairs can creep up on you. We've been with Endurance for 14 months now and so far they've exceeded our expectations!

    R. Bryant - Philadelphia, PA
    "One of the few companies that goes above and beyond"
  • The main reason why I decided to finally get extended warranty coverage was not just for repairs, but for the road side assistance as well. We've had roadside coverage for a while but now with our new policy from Endurance, we don't need to deal with 2 separate companies. And it's one less bill!

    L. Carter - Dallas, TX
    "Definitely the best auto warranty company we've dealt with"
  • It feels good knowing that I don't have to worry about spending all my savings on repairs. I do alot of driving and I work 2 jobs. And with a kid on the way, I'm trying to save as much as possible. That's why it feels great to have extended warranty coverage that easily fits my budget.

    N. Payton - Columbus, OH
    "High quality service without the high price"

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