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A Few Auto Warranty Benefits


If you plan to keep your 2011 Hyundai Genesis for 10+ years, then getting an extended auto warranty is definitely something you would want to consider. More drivers are opting to keep their vehicles much longer instead of buying new ones. So getting an extended warranty helps make sure you can handle any repairs costs that comes your way.


When driving a 2011 Hyundai Genesis, you never know exactly when a mechanical failure will occur. The check engine light is a good indicator that something is wrong, but ultimately anything can happen at any moment. So that’s why it’s good to have extended warranty coverage because no matter the repairs needed, you’ll be prepared.

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Recent Testimonials

  • "If you keep any vehicle for long enough, inevitably it will need some sort of repairs. And too many people, like my self included, find this out the hard way when all of a sudden the car wont start. It's times like that where having a extended auto warranty is worth the cost. "

    L. Anderson - Austin, Texas
    "Cheap warranty quotes in seconds with Endurance"
  • "Here's the one thing that made me get an extended warranty policy. I added up all the money I spent on repairs the past few years. Than I figured out how much I would have spent if I had coverage. The minute I finished calculating was the minute I started my policy."

    H. Robinson - Washington, DC
    "Of all the warranty providers, Endurance is the best"
  • "I'm an insurance agent but I often get lots of questions about warranty coverage. I tell all my clients that if you can easily afford it, buying an extended warranty for your vehicle is definitely worth it. Especially if you had your car for more than 5 years and the warranty expired."

    S. Scott - Las Vegas, Nevada
    "Great experience and amazing customer service"
  • "So we purchased a used truck for our small business that we started a few months ago. And even thought the miles was high we decided to get it because we couldn't turn down the deal. After a few weeks the alternator goes out. And thanks to Endurance we was able to get it fixed really quickly!"

    M. Hamilton - Wichita, Kansas
    "I will definitely be a Endurance customer for life"

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