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A Few Auto Warranty Benefits


One of the best things about 2008 BMW 528 extended auto warranties is that each policy can be personally customized for your specific needs and budget. Most drivers probably want basic coverage that cover just the major things like engine repairs. But other drivers may want full coverage. So regardless of the plan you get, you can easily add to it.


Alot of drivers unfortunately are the “gas and go” type. Which means that they don’t necessarily pay close attention to the car maintenance dates on that little sticker on the windshield. These group of drivers benefits the most from having extended auto warranty coverage for their 2008 BMW 528 because of the sheer number of repairs needed annually.

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Recent Testimonials

  • "If you keep any vehicle for long enough, inevitably it will need some sort of repairs. And too many people, like my self included, find this out the hard way when all of a sudden the car wont start. It's times like that where having a extended auto warranty is worth the cost. "

    L. Anderson - Austin, Texas
    "Endurance has the lowest price plans"
  • "My dad bought me a used car for my birthday last year. And while I was able to finally get me my own set of wheels, the one thing that I didn't anticipate was the repair costs. Luckily a friend of mine told me about extended auto warranties. Now I no longer stress over repairs."

    A. Thompson - Charlotte, North Carolina
    "Buying coverage online is very easy"
  • "If you're wondering just how much money having a extended warranty plan can save you, here's my short story. My car is about 8 years old and I needed to have the engine worked on. Because I had warranty coverage, instead of paying thousands out of pocket, I paid 0 dollars. Huge difference!"

    I. Green - Albuquerque, New Mexico
    "Very professional and courteous, highly impressed"
  • "I've been driving my sedan for about 3 years and the warranty expired 2 months ago. So the day after it expired I found out about Endurance. I decided to start a policy with them because they had very flexible plans, great online reviews and best of all, they have excellent customer support."

    A. Carter - Colorado Springs, Colorado
    "Always quick to respond to any issues"

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