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A Few Auto Warranty Benefits


If you plan to keep your 1996 Buick Roadmaster for 10+ years, then getting an extended auto warranty is definitely something you would want to consider. More drivers are opting to keep their vehicles much longer instead of buying new ones. So getting an extended warranty helps make sure you can handle any repairs costs that comes your way.


One of the main benefits of getting a extended auto warranty policy for your 1996 Buick Roadmaster is the fact that the resale value increases. So if you plan on selling or trading in your vehicle in the future, you can easily get more than you would if you never had any type of an extended warranty. The feature alone makes having coverage worth it.

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Recent Testimonials

  • "If you keep any vehicle for long enough, inevitably it will need some sort of repairs. And too many people, like my self included, find this out the hard way when all of a sudden the car wont start. It's times like that where having a extended auto warranty is worth the cost. "

    L. Anderson - Austin, Texas
    "Endurance has the lowest price plans"
  • "No one likes to spend money on car repairs, no matter how much money you make. And as for me, I like to save whenever I can so when I purchased my car last week, the very next day I purchased an extended auto warranty. The last thing I want is to deal with an expensive repair bill."

    W. Martin - Columbus, Ohio
    "Hardly any waiting period with support"
  • "As someone who deals with cars everyday, I can't stress enough the importance of having extended auto warranty coverage for your vehicle regardless of its age. Because we never know when that check engine light will light up, but when it does, you want to be able to handle the repairs."

    O. Young - Louisville, Kentucky
    "Great experience and amazing customer service"
  • "My story is simple. I've been driving the same car for about 10 years. And it never gave me any trouble so I never thought about getting extended warranty coverage once the old one expired. But then, my engine needed work done and after paying that repair bill, I signed up with Endurance."

    G. Edwards - Minneapolis, Minnesota
    "From the very beginning they very helpful"

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