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A Few Auto Warranty Benefits


Getting an extended auto warranty policy for your 1989 Suzuki Swift is especially important for those drivers who plan to keep their vehicle for more than 10 years. Because in order for the car or truck to last that long, it would need to be kept in good shape. And that means having to deal with repairs along the way and having a warranty helps keep the costs low.


If you know that one day you will end up wanting to sell your 1989 Suzuki Swift or trade it in for a newer car or truck, then having extended auto warranty coverage is a must. The reason is because the resale value of a vehicle that is covered with an extended warranty is increased significantly and buyers would feel more confident buying your vehicle.

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Recent Testimonials

  • "The fact that I was able to save a ton of money on repairs for my sons truck is amazing! We've been looking for the best way to reduce repair cost for a while now. And we've checked out plenty of different warranty programs and coverage plans, but Endurance was definitely the right choice!"

    N. Smith - Los Angeles, California
    "Pay below the average rates with Endurance"
  • "I've read plenty of reviews from all the various extended warranty companies online. And after narrowing them down to just a few and comparing rates and service plans, I decided to go with Endurance because not only do they offer affordable coverage, but they also have great support!"

    N. Watkins - Baltimore, Maryland
    "We save so much money Well worth it"
  • "I never knew how good it was to have an extended warranty plan for my car. Growing up, all i ever knew was that I had to have my car insured. But now that I've been driving for a while, I see that having a warranty is equally important. Because as we all know, them repair costs can add up."

    R. Rodgers - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    "First year of warranty coverage was awesome"
  • "My sister purchased a truck that looked good but the potential for future repairs was high because it had plenty of miles on it and it was foreign. So the first thing I told her to do was to get pricing for extended warranty coverage from Endurance. She liked their prices and reviews!"

    E. Parker - Oakland, California
    "They're always willing to answer any question"

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